Introduction to the Electronics Industry

The company has nearly 10 years of experience in the electronic engineering design industry, and its enterprise technology center has established an electronic engineering research institute, which has sorted out lots of data in the electronics industry to provide references for the customized services for different customers.

It is the company's operating philosophy to "begin with the end in mind and strive for lean construction". We will insist on using customer operation and maintenance data as a benchmark for design data as always, and provide customers with more economical, safer, and more energy efficient design services.

In the business field of the electronics industry, we have been committed to the exploration and development of FPD, semiconductor, PV, new energy, and other businesses, and our business is all over the country.

Service content:

Service content:

Electronic industrial park planning and feasibility study

Electronic engineering design (concept design, foundation design, detailed design)

Anti-vibration measurement and base design

Scope of service:



Semiconductor - large silicon wafers

Semiconductor - 6''/8''/12'' chips

Semiconductor - packaging and testing



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