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China Electronics System Engineering No.2 Construction Co., Ltd. (CESE2 for short), founded in 1953, is the earliest large-scale central SOE engaged in clean engineering and industrial construction engineering in China. It is now affiliated with China Electronics Corporation (CEC), one of the Global 500 companies. The company has the annual revenue of more than RMB 20 billion and has more than 6,000 employees. It always upholds the core values of "integrity, responsibility, innovation and endeavor", constantly promotes the progress of industrial construction engineering with advanced industrial construction technology, and is committed to becoming an international leading industrial construction and environmental engineering system service provider.

CESE2 is a leading enterprise in EPC services in the field of high-tech industrial construction in China. The company has always adhered to the L-EPC construction concept, begun with the end in mind, striven for lean construction, and constantly pursued higher design accuracy and construction accuracy. In the early stage of a project, the senior EPC project manager is responsible for integrating the expert team of plant construction, design, operation and maintenance, etc., and putting forward expert suggestions from the aspects of park layout, plant layout, process flow, facility operation and maintenance, etc. to improve construction efficiency, reduce factory construction costs, and maximize customer benefits. In terms of consulting and design, it has a professional design team of more than 800 people who are at the forefront of the industry all year round, deeply studying and judging the industry development and engineering construction, etc., and providing consulting and planning services for engineering construction and management for customers such as governments and enterprises for a long time; In the construction field, it has more than hundreds of senior industry experts with more than 20 years of work experience, more than 300 first-level architects, and more than 500 second-level architects. At the same time, it is capable of designing professional systems such as gas, chemicals, and pure wastewater. It is one of the few companies in China that can provide customers with truly integrated system design services for the entire plant.

CESE2 is a pioneer and leader in the clean engineering field in China. It has more than 40 years of purification history. The development history of CESE2 reflects that of China's clean engineering. From winning the domestic first "Luban Award" in the cleaning field to the contracting to build the first 6-inch, the first 8-inch and the first 12-inch chip projects, as well as the first G10.5 line array plant in China, CESE2 has basically assumed the responsibility of installing the hydropower systems for mainstream projects in the electronics industry in China. In the semiconductor field, the proportion of its participation in the construction of domestic 12-inch lines is up to 60%; in the FPD field, the proportion of its participation in the construction of domestic large-scale ARRAY plants is up to over 90%; it has hundreds of environmental design engineers and a management team of over 500 people. It has built its own laboratories and R&D platforms, and has been in the leading position in China in terms of electronic water environment business, system solution capability and performance. With the help of its years of hard work in the cleaning field, CESE2 has been rated as National Excellent Construction Enterprise and National Top 10 Clean Engineering Technology Enterprise many times.

CESE2 is a leader in China in terms of industrial environmental engineering and product system manufacturing. Adhering to the concept of promoting the development of the environmental protection industry and realizing the harmony between the human beings and the environment, to respond to the political call of a "beautiful China" of the state, it takes the industrial environment treatment as a strategic business, and provides customers with industrial water treatment, municipal water treatment, and other system solutions; in 2014, it cooperated with Hohai University in the building of (ultra) pure water laboratory, wastewater laboratory, wastewater treatment pilot-scale line, etc., showing its significant advantages in industrial water treatment in the electronics industry.

CESE2 constantly explores and applies innovative technologies and continuously promotes the progress of the industrialized construction techniques. It has not only extra-large area cleanroom systems, two provincial engineering technology research centers for industrial water treatment, but also provincial enterprise workstations and provincial enterprise technology centers; it is a Key High-tech Enterprise of the National Torch Program and Jiangsu High-tech Enterprise. It has edited and participated in the preparation of 43 national standards, and has 141 national technology patents, including 39 invention patents and 10 provincial construction methods; it has also won 4 provincial and ministerial scientific and technological progress awards, and its BIM achievements have won 35 awards at the provincial level and above; and it applies for more than 30 R&D projects annually, being far ahead in terms of engineering R&D innovation. It always promotes construction engineering to develop towards industrialization, such as standard design, prefabricated factory, assembled construction, and mechanization, and constantly promotes the technological progress of the industry.

It establishes its reputation in the industry with quality and fulfills the contract spirit with practical actions, achieving its value step by step under the witness of all customers. Up to now, it has won the Luban Award 4 times, the National Quality Engineering Award 7 times, and provincial and ministerial quality engineering awards more than 80 times; for decades, CESE2 has served more than 5,000 projects, with the old customers accounting for more than 90%, and the coverage of leading customers in each industry of over 80%. It has served CR Micro for more than 40 years, SSPC for more than 30 years, Huahong NEC for more than 20 years, and BOE for 16 years.

New Times, New Prospects! The striving CESE2 is integrating into the national strategy with passion at a fast speed. It constantly embraces change, makes reforms and innovations, grasps opportunities of the times, actively devotes itself to the great cause of national construction, and makes every effort to create "an international leading industrial construction and environmental engineering system service provider"!