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01 Core Advantages

  • Design • Consulting

    Beijing Zhongrui Electronic Systems Engineering Design Institute Co., Ltd., a subsidiary, is an industrial and civil design institute integrating engineering consulting and planning, architectural design, general contracting and engineering management. It is also a member of China National Association of Engineering Consultants and one of the main compilation units of electronic industry standards and specifications.

  • Domestic leading technical strength

  • Rich on-site construction experience

    Good reputation for more than half a century; benchmarking enterprise in the engineering construction industry.

  • Provide systematic engineering solutions

    All-round professional contracting; Provide engineering services for high-tech industrialization facilities.

  • Increasingly complete industrial chain

    China Electronics Innovation Environmental Technology Co., Ltd., a subsidiary, is a high-end and professional technology company based on engineering technology and process R&D. Relying on one academician workstation and two engineering R&D centers, it builds a platform to gather and integrate the engineering industry chain.

  • International and global vision

    It has set up overseas business divisions overseas to undertake a number of projects in the Middle East, South Africa and other countries, and its business territory continues to expand.

02 Other advantages


    Large state-owned enterprise

    Affiliated with China Electronic System Technology Co., Ltd. under CEC, its brand credibility is worthy of trust and choice.


    30 branches/4 business centers/6 subsidiaries

    Covering most regions in the country; the business scale is large and business contact is convenient.


    Staffing advantage

    The company has built a "China Electronics Innovation Talent Center" to build a learning organization, establish a talent development system for the entire career cycle, and train expert leaders. At present, there are more than 7,000 management personnel, more than 10,000 personnel in the self-owned construction teams, more than 1,200 personnel in the design teams, more than 100 senior experts with more than 20 years of experience in the industry, and more than 500 first-level architects.


    Credit capacity

    23-year AAA credit rating, with the maximum credit authorization from banks Strong financial strength supports the development of various projects.